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Richard Styner  Low Flat Fee Realty
Richard Styner

"Transfoming California Real Estate, Saving You Thousands"

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Sell Your House For



Only $4,975*


*Seller Side Only.  Buyer's Agent Commission Applies
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Listing Commission Is A Low Flat Fee!

Say goodbye to expensive commissions!

At Low Flat Fee Realty, we're changing the way real estate is sold! When you're looking to sell your home or investment property, our trusted team of agents can help. With our innovative flat fee real estate model, we'll list and sell your home for a flat fee of only $4,975. We suggest offering 2.5% to the agent who represents the buyer. We provide all the same services as a traditional real estate brokerage such as advertising, marketing, professional high-tech photography, effective MLS listings, yard signs, open houses and more! Sell your home with Low Flat Fee Realty and keep your hard-earned equity in your pocket!


In addition to listing your house for a low flat fee, we can help you find and purchase your home or property.

Why Pay More??

Richard Styner

Full Service

We offer all the services a traditional broker offers:

  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • Professional high-tech photography
  • Effective MLS listings
  • Yard signs
  • Open houses
  • We help buyers too!

Richard Styner

Save Real Money

The math is simple. By avoiding the standard listing agent commission, you will save serious money selling your home! If your house sells for $500,000, a 3% listing commission is $15,000! With LFF Realty, you pay only a flat $4,975 listing commission!

Richard Styner

Close With Professionals

It used to be the only way to avoid sky-high commissions was "For Sale By Owner". Now save money while having the confidence of professional REALTORS with more than 25 years combined experience working for you!



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